What’s the difference between Ceremonial vs Culinary matcha?

Really the main difference between these two types of matcha is in how they are intended to be used. 

Ceremonial grade matcha is intended to be consumed on its own or as matcha latte while culinary grade matcha is designed to be added to baked goods, smoothies, and more.

Culinary grade matcha is more suitable for ingredient use in recipes due to its more pronounced and slightly bitter taste. This is an amazing addition to many recipes like banana bread, pancakes, chia puddings etc. 

Adding antioxidants, flavor and color!  

Truth is that Ceremonial grade matcha gram is more expensive than culinary grade matcha gram. The general perception is that ceremonial grade matcha is high quality matcha and culinary grade matcha is low quality matcha. That is not true. 

What is true is that Culinary is from later harvests, which is the reason why its color is not as vibrant as ceremonial grade matcha. Yet this is the way it’s harvested there for centuries and popularity for this product is still high. 

Organic Culinary Grade Matcha 100g

Our Organic Culinary grade matcha has a more pronounced bitter / grassy taste, and a less fragrant aroma. It may sound unappealing, but it works perfectly in baked goods and other confectionery because matcha is usually just one of many ingredients. The other ingredients (usually fat and sweeteners) will overcome the bitterness. 

We do not recommend drinking culinary grade matcha just because it will be bitter. Culinary grade matcha is also produced from later harvests, which is the reason why its color is not as vibrant as ceremonial grade matcha.

Nevertheless, this does not mean that culinary grade is of a low-quality grade matcha. Both matcha grades are designed for different uses and choosing a good quality ceremonial or good culinary matcha will make the most of your matcha experience.

Organic Ceremonial Grade Matcha 30g

Our Organic Ceremonial grade matcha is meant to be enjoyed on its own in the form of tea or latte. This superior organic matcha tea grade is used in traditional Japanese tea ceremonies where it is whisked with hot water. 

Smooth and silky with light sweetness, with lasting finish that can range anywhere from sweet nuttiness, floral umami and pleasant bittersweet notes from green tea.

A high quality ceremonial grade matcha powder is also vibrant green as compared to our culinary grade matcha as it is produced from first harvest tea leaves which contain the highest content of chlorophyll and L-theanine.

Culinary or ceremonial matcha for matcha lattes? 

Most asked question of all times. 

The best type of matcha for lattes is to use our Organic Ceremonial Matcha. No need to use sweetener. 

Smooth and silky with light sweetness and pleasant bittersweet finish is perfect for lattes as matcha green tea makes magic with the milk.

It is possible to use our Organic Culinary Grade matcha to make matcha lattes, but we are not big fans of this. You may end up adding more sugar and/or milk to balance the more pronounced bittersweet taste.


What is culinary grade matcha best for?

The culinary grade matcha is usually the best matcha for baking or cooking. However, the culinary grade matcha available in the market are often too little in flavour, barely adding any matcha flavour in baked goods. 

We love and recommend our Organic one to anyone who wants to add beautiful green colors to their foods without adding any toxins from the artificial colors and tastes. Add organic antioxidants instead and see how all your dishes will transform into green beauties that are tasty and photogenic.