Ceramic Matcha bowl (Chawan)

  • €22,00

This beautiful Speckled and Striped Pouring Chawan Matcha Bowl is Handmade in Estonia. It is gorgeous to pour your matcha green tea on top of milk, or a different glass or cup. Or simply, to drink from.

All handmade matcha bowls are limited edition, and unique. 

High walls allow you to whisk matcha unrestrained until the tea is perfectly frothy and silky. Spout allows you to pour matcha into your cup easily without a spill. 

A personal favorite, we kept this one for ourselves! 

This pouring chawan is perfect to enjoy your matcha or also to give as a gift.

*Not dishwasher safe. 

Natural tan colors and vintage Design. 

Beautiful vintage style for you to relax and enjoy your matcha tea.