• Matcha Lovers Kit

Matcha Lovers Kit

  • €45,00

This kit is perfect for all matcha lovers out there! 

Now you can make matcha lattes with our best-selling ceremonial matcha  + use culinary grade matcha for your delicious Sunday pancakes and more.


Includes: Ceremonial matcha 30 g + Culinary matcha 100g.

Organic Ceremonial Matcha 30g - Highest quality organic matcha from the youngest and finest leaves of the first harvest. Used for traditional tea ceremony, it possesses a rich mellow sweet taste and creamy texture and is distinguished by its vibrant jade green colour.

Organic Culinary Matcha 100g - High quality organic matcha from the third, autumn harvest with strong tea taste and full-bodied astringency. Has a stronger and more bitter taste compared to other grades of matcha. It’s a perfect choice for cooking and baking as it delivers a green tea flavor across a wide variety of recipes.