Organic Culinary Matcha, 100g

  • €24,99

High quality organic matcha from the third, autumn harvest with strong tea taste and full-bodied astringency. Has a stronger and more bitter taste compared to other grades of matcha. It’s a perfect choice for cooking and baking as it delivers a green tea flavor across a wide variety of recipes.

  • 100% Pure Matcha Green Tea
  • Specifically Blended for Culinary Purposes
  • Perfect for cookies, cakes, confections, smoothies, lattes
  • Superfood matcha has over 14 times the antioxidant activity of wild blueberries on a per gram basis
  • Matcha is an all-natural source of caffeine without the jitters and crash of coffee
  • The EGCG catechin, or epigallocatechin gallate, in matcha is known to support metabolism.
  • Matcha is sugar-free and virtually calorie-free (less than 3 calories per serving)!